About Us

The ROKiT Classic Radio Network is a ‘not for profit’ streaming radio platform bringing you the best shows from the ‘Golden Age’ of radio and beyond. It costs many thousands of pounds per year to maintain the servers and cover the streaming hosts bandwidth charges. We only exist because of our love of radio, a respect for our radio heritage and a firm hope that in this world of meaningless junk television programming computers games and the like, we will give a new generation of listeners the chance to experience imagination theater for the mind!

Its gives us great pleasure to organise and restore these radio broadcasts and share them with the world. All of our channels come with full program schedules. Whether you are someone who listened to these shows as a child or someone who is new to Old Time Radio, we hope you enjoy listening to your favorite “Old Time Radio Shows.”

Thanks for visiting the ROKiT Classic Radio website. Stay tuned, more radio shows are coming soon!

Happy Listening